Welcome to the Wonderful World of Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Why Teach English Abroad?

It doesn’t really matter how old you are or what background you come from.  Teaching English as a foreign language is one of the most rewarding jobs you can ever do!  What other job allows you to…

  • Travel abroad to exotic and breath-taking destinations
  • Learn new languages and understand different cultures
  • Help others
  • Broaden your horizons and open your eyes to differences
  • Allow you to enjoy exotic and delectable dishes
  • Live and work in a tropical paradise (or find snow-capped mountains if that suits you)
  • Earn a decent wage which allows you a privileged lifestyle
  • Pay down college debt
  • Develop yourself and your creativity
  • and lots, lots, lots more!

What Qualifications Do I Need to Teach English Abroad?

Well the very first thing you need is enthusiasm and lots of it!  Enthusiasm to change your own lifestyle and go out there and make a difference to not only yourself but to others too!

Ideally you should be a native English speaker.  However, don’t worry if you’re not!  If you are a non native speaker who is fairly competent at English, then for most ESL positions you should have no problems finding employment as an English teacher.

Getting a TEFL certificate will also be a great advantage when looking for jobs.  TEFL stands for teaching English as a foreign language.

Over the past few years TEFL has become like the industry standard qualification for people wishing to go overseas and pursue a career teaching English as a foreign language.  You would be well advised to take a TEFL course!  (TESOL, CELTA and TESL certificates are essentially equivalent.  As they say in Thailand, “Same same, but different.”)

So Where Do I Take a TEFL course and How Long Will it Take?

There are so many choices out there and most are good enough.  We recommend using TEFL.com for finding a classroom based TEFL course or online course.  Normally, from start to finish, the course duration is 4 weeks.  If you are looking to do a TEFL course in Thailand, then check out this site for reviews on TEFL courses in Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai and Samui.

I’ve Got My TEFL Certification, Now I Need a Job!!!

First of all congratulations!  You’re now a qualified TEFLer!  (That’s an official word.  Not something I just made up 😉   Welcome to a great profession.  There’s never going to be a dull moment in your professional life again, and every day will certainly be different!

One great resource for jobs is THIS site!   Duh!  Just keep watching for daily updates and get applying! That’s the key!  If you need any help finding employment in Thailand don’t hesitate to drop me a line here on my site!

What Kind of Jobs Can I Find?

English teaching jobs tend to fall in to a few distinct categories, especially in Thailand.  For the most part many teachers find themselves teaching in the government sector, i.e. government schools.  Here’s a list of potential types of teaching jobs in Thailand…

  • Teaching kids in government schools (all levels)
  • Teaching kids in private kindergarten, elementary and high schools
  • Teaching adults at private language centers evenings / weekends
  • Private one on one tuition
  • Corporate English teaching
  • Teaching kids weekends/evenings private language centers
  • Teaching kids in international schools

Most teachers tend to end up teaching kids in the government school sector.  For this you’ll normally be contracted to work from 18 – 25 contact teaching hours per week, you’ll then receive a set monthly salary of around 30,000 – 35,000 baht per month in Thailand.  (Don’t be afraid to negotiate your salary!!)

Teaching kids in private schools is roughly the same deal as the government schools, hours, salary, conditions, etc.

Teaching adults at private language centers normally revolves around night time and the weekends.  You’ll probably end up teaching 6pm to 8pm Mon-Fri and on weekends Sat-Sun you could teach up to six hours per day.

Normally it’s up to you how many hours you want to work.  Most teachers just do a few hours per week to top up their salaries from working at the government schools.  Teaching at the centers, you’ll be paid by the hour, most classes are 2 hours in duration.  In Thailand, rates range from 300 baht per hour up to 500 baht per hour depending on whom you work for.

Private one on one tuition is basically you getting yourself some private students to teach by placing ads in windows or word of mouth.  Rates range from 300 baht per hour up to 600 baht.

Corporate teaching or business English is simply where the teacher goes to a company usually after work and teaches the staff there.  If you work for a private language company then they will have a contract to teach the staff of a company.  You’ll be sent to train them at their place of work instead of them coming to learn at a language center.

Most English teachers love corporate work because the rates are quite good. For example most corporate jobs pay 500 baht per hour upwards to 1,000 baht per hour!  Though the normal rate would hover between 500-700 per hour.

Watch this space for more jobs to come!  Our jobs are updated daily!